Hi, I'm Rachel, a fashion and portrait photographer based in Leatherhead, Surrey.


I have a natural, informal approach to my work. I enjoy focusing on fashions from specific eras of the past such as the vintage 1980s style. Cultural fashion also interests me as the striking colours and materials often symbolise groups or tribes in society. I enjoy the challenge of capturing fashion for the purpose of attracting consumers, as this spurs my imagination to portray the model as mysterious and captivating. The consumers are provoked to feel they could look attractive too when wearing the clothing.

I have always had an interest in photography from an early age. I wanted to capture elements of the world that I considered beautiful such as flowers and landscapes. When I began to study photography I started to learn how to have a more conceptual approach and through this I learnt that nothing is more beautiful than a person expressing themselves. I feel that encountering the opportunity to capture emotion and character in a person in one single moment is exhilarating.